Romeo and Juliet- An Essay Task

Following our study of Romeo and Juliet, you will now be working on constructing a literary essay during class time in response to the following question: Explain how Shakespeare explores the idea of “fate” in


Quote Analysis Task- Act 2 Scene 3

“…they stumble that run fast.” Your task is to write a short paragraph about how this quote could be applied to Romeo and Juliet and their current plan. You should publish this as your first


Romeo and Juliet- A rewrite!

Working with the people in the groups listed below, you will select your favorite scene from the play so far. Your task is to re-contextualize this scene and then rewrite this part of the script


Week 5- Romeo and Juliet (Act 1)

Below is a selection of tasks for you to work through over the next 5 periods. You will need to work hard to complete each one but you may select the order that you do


Spelling Test- Friday Week 4

Before our test on Friday, look over and revise the words below. They come from a list of “most commonly misspelled words”. a lot accept achieve annoyed arguing author burglar centre counsel course definitely disappear

Student Journal Registration

Complete this form to have your existing English Blog connected to your new course, or, if you don’t have one, to have a new blog created for 2018


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